We had the pleasure of taking the children of Rockwood Nursery School on a field trip to the Guelph Lake Nature Centre this week.  What a fun day for everyone!  We went for a walk to feed the chickadees.  Bird seed was placed on the children’s heads as we watched the chickadees swoop down and eat the bird seed.  Afterwards, we went inside the Nature Centre where John Luke brought out Ebeneezer Squeezer the snake.  The nursery school children had a chance to feel the snake or put it around their necks if they wanted to.  We had many brave children in the bunch!  We learned what snakes like to eat and how they move.  Next, we were shown a rat and could pet it or hold it.  All the children and parents had a fantastic time full of fun, nature, and learning!

Check out some of the photos below!

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